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Welcome to DRAGONS ROYALE; a group dedicated to all things draconic and their dragon fans, with a role-play side too!

Whether you want a place to be a badass dragon in our group's role-play story or just want a place to see and or show off dragon artwork and chill with fellow fans of dragons, this group shall be perfect for you. ;)


Just like any group though we have some rules to both keep the peace and fun while keeping out the trouble and strife:

1) because we accept art for all ages including adults there will be a folder meant only for over 18s as this folder will have older artists' grotesque imagery, graphic violence, gore, swearing, adult themes (references to drugs/crimes/sex/sexual-orientation/etc), dark humor, nudity, etc. If you are uncomfortable with said themes then avoid the 18s-only folder, the group will not be held accountable for your own curiosity if you choose to ignore the folder's warnings.

2) submit art into the correct folder and follow the guide-lines on what is allowed in a character profile (see the role-play guide for more details), and remember that only group-related art is allowed, anything not dragon themed will not be accepted.

3) No stealing or tracing,

4) No god-modding or OPing towards other members' characters (see the role-play guide for more details),

5) No bullying, trolling and no discrimination towards other members of any kind which means no racism, homophobia, sexism or religious prosecution. If it's in an event entry or part of a story deviation used only as a plot-element or other fictional way then it may be allowed...but if it's artwork promoting any of the said above; it will be removed, reported, and the person will be banned.

6) No illegal artwork or artwork that breaks DA rules e.g. pornography/child-pornography/yiff/bestiality/etc.

Punishment ladder:
1) Break a rule once = 'knocked out tooth' (1 warning)
2) Break a rule twice = 'receive a scar' (removal of role-playing privileges which may or may not be granted again depending on severity of the offense and another warning)
3) Break a rule three times = 'banishment' (a month's ban from the group and put on probation once the ban is lifted)
4) Break a rule four times = 'execution' (permanently banned from the group).

However there are also things you will automatically be banned for immediately without any second chances, no 'ifs' no 'buts' nor begging or excuses:
Cyber-bullying = instant ban and reported to DA staff
2) trolling = instant ban
3) discrimination = instant ban
4) tracing = Temporary ban and probation, if caught tracing again then permanently banned and reported to DA staff
5) stealing = Instant ban and if stolen from another Deviant artist then reported to DA staff.
6) submitting illegal deviations = instant ban and reported to DA staff

For information of DRAGONS ROYALE'S role-play story click here, and for rules on how to create characters for role-playing please click here.

Have fun!







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Sunset Perch by sugarpoultry
Clarity by Galidor-Dragon
The Dragon Lords False Idols Cover Illustration by CrystalSully
These skies are mine by sugarpoultry
American Dragon by BlackPantiesaurus
I Control her + Speedpaint Video by Gryndra
House Targaryen by Alaiaorax
Spyro by theWolfdragon21
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Teal-crested Leopard Dragon by tobys-brain
Dragon by Valoushka
Northern gifts by HronawmonsTamer
The Dragon Blood by theWolfdragon21
DRAGONS ROYALE - Prince Kane by Farumir
Vigo Satar by Nefrail-Scargiver
Dragon-Royale Hanamitsu Ref by Alpha-Pain
Amity Reff by DEAFHPN
DRAGONS ROYALE role-play art
Imoogi Dragon Line-art by Farumir
Ryu Dragon Line-art by Farumir
Drac Dragon Line-art by Farumir
Drake (dragon/human hybrid) Line-art by Farumir
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Comm/DR: Akuma 3 forms by HronawmonsTamer
Wyvern Dragon adoptables [2/2 Open] by Shralen
CYOP wyverns [2/2 Open] by Shralen
[Commission] Mighty dragon-sensei by Kitedge
Costumes and other crafts
Dragon Alastar update! by SnowVolkolak
Game of Thrones, Viserion, Rhaegal, Drogon by FellKunst
Drogon Game of Thrones by FellKunst
Dragon Bust/ hand pupept by GalileoN
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Group Info

Welcome to DRAGONS ROYALE; a group dedicated to all things draconic and their dragon fans, with a role-play side too!
Whether you want a place to be a badass dragon in our group's role-play story or just want a place to see and or show off dragon artwork and chill with fellow fans of dragons, this group shall be perfect for you.
Founded 3 Months ago
Feb 14, 2017


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42 Members
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We would like to announce that the group's new chatroom is now officially open! :woohoo:…

Here you can either role-play with friends or just chill and chat! Just remember our golden rules when in the chatroom:
:bulletred: No bullying,
:bulletred: no trolling,
:bulletred: no spamming,
:bulletred: no hate-spreading (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobic remarks, etc),

By the way, if anybody has trouble opening the chatroom, it's because DA have made some changes -

DeviantART offers a number of features that work best, or only work, using modern browsers. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you download the latest version of your favorite browser.

We no longer support the following browser versions:

Firefox 3.6
Chrome 8
Safari 4
Internet Explorer 7
Opera 11.52
Flash, Java, or Firefox extension

In order to connect to our chatrooms, you need a compliant browser as stated above, plus you need either the Flash Plugin or Java Plugin for your browser installed.

If you're still having issues on joining the chatroom then please refer to's FAQ about chatrooms.


We also still have slots open for NPCs of DRAGONS ROYALE's role-play plot, we really do need those filling up. Just to remind you, the story's civil war consists of four warring factions:
Dragoncrest5 by FarumirKanecrest3 by FarumirCOIcrest2 by FarumirGraogacrest2 by Farumir

The Golden Elite already have all the leaders they need, but the three remaining factions are still in need of leaders so we are going to give contributors and a selected batch of new members first pick of these very important roles in the story.
The available positions are as follows:
  • Mandate Of Kane
  1. Kane's envoy - second in command and Kane's Spokesman [Open]
  2. General of the MOK - third in command, commander of Kane's armies and his bodyguard [Open]
  3. 'disposer/cleaner' - in charge of keeping humans' media off of their backs by covering up any serious incidents, and Kane's own personal assassin [Open]

  • Council of Independence
  1. Leader of the Sky clan [Open]
  2. leader of the Land clan [Open]
  3. leader of the Sea clan [Open]
  4. three ambassadors each representing one of the clans - the mediators and spokesmen for the clans' leaders. [3/3 Open]

  • The Graoga
  1. Alpha male & female - leaders of all of the Graoga (or at least try to be...not very easy when nobody in this faction like working together or being bossed around, so the Alphas must be the strongest and most aggressive of all the Graoga Dragons in order to keep themselves from being overthrown, especially by the Betas.) [1/2 Open] -Alpha male taken by Shralen
  2. Beta male & female - second in command but also secretly rivals of the Alphas [2/2 Open]
  3. Omega male & female - third in command yet often subjected to the Alphas and Betas' violent aggression. [2/2 Open]

Please take note that this is a first come first served thing; so before you decide to pick a role if you want one, please make sure that you can make a completed character sheet asap (preferably within a month) and be active and responsible enough to stick to your new role. Also be aware that your characters will then become NPCs or 'main cast characters', meaning that once you pick a role from the mentioned list you cannot change it unless you have somebody to replace you prepared and that admins may use the NPCs for event/contest prologue works (sticking to the rules of role-playing of course). So long as you are okay with this you are good to go and choose. To make a claim for one of the positions please comment below.

For information of DRAGONS ROYALE'S role-play story click here, and for rules on how to create characters for role-playing please click here.

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